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Tips For Avoiding Clogged Drains in Fairhope

If you have ever had a clogged drain, then you know how much you’d like to avoid having that issue again. There’s not much worse that will convince you to keep your Fairhope plumbing drains clean than having to deal with a stinky, sticky mess that can make you sick. Imagine a room flooding with…

Tankless Water Heaters For In-Demand Personalities

If you’ve heard about tankless water heaters, you’ve probably given the idea some thought for your Foley home. Questions like: Where would I put a tankless water heater? What would I use one for? Would I want several or just one whole house system? Why would I want to change out my current water heater?…

About Clogged Drains & Drain Cleaning

When you have a plumbing system, it will invariably have problems that can get you down. Plumbing system problems such as clogged drains can leave you in a mess and can cause much water damage to your Daphne home. Most kitchen sinks will have a grease trap that is installed to collect the grease and…

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