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About Clogged Drains & Drain Cleaning

Daphne drain cleaning

When you have a plumbing system, it will invariably have problems that can get you down. Plumbing system problems such as clogged drains can leave you in a mess and can cause much water damage to your Daphne home.

Most kitchen sinks will have a grease trap that is installed to collect the grease and small pieces of debris that get put down the drain. Many such traps have easy access for your plumber to clear out the trap when it becomes a problem. When the grease trap gets clogged enough, you’ll have a wastewater backup to deal with.

Your bathroom also has plumbing traps that will help the sink, commode, bathtub, and shower to keep from backing up.

There are a number of items that are commonly found in drain traps. Things like grease, hair, food, gristle, small pets, toys, and more get put down the drain when they should be thrown out in the trash or disposed of properly another way.

The plumbing trap is designed as an s-shaped pipe and is located under the drain. This is a drain trap. As you use water, it flows from the sink and into the wastewater system. This water has enough force to normally push down any particles present in the water. However, larger or heavier particles and things like grease and hair can all mat together to cause blockage.

Some kitchen sinks have grease traps that will collect the grease which causes drains to clog. Grease, hair, food, and other particles get washed down your Daphne drain, but they soon become matted and clogged, causing any waste water to back up into the home.

The drains, pipes, and traps are an important part of your drainage system. Also in plumbing systems, you’ll have vents and clean outs. Your professional plumber will use the clean outs that are installed near the trap to clean out any clogs or built up debris you may have. The clean outs allow easy access to the drain trap and the vents are pipes that allow sewer gas to escape outdoors instead of indoors. The vents travel vertically up through the roof

Sewer gas is a noxious gas and can cause health issues due to the content. The gas is a result of decomposed organic waste and can consist of:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Ammonia
  • Methane
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Nitrogen Oxides

So when you smell an odd smell coming from your pipes, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s a noxious, dirty mess down in your drains that you do NOT want to breathe.

This is why it’s so important to have a professional plumber take care of cleaning your drains and pipes, and making sure they’re in tact and working correctly. You don’t want the gases to escape through faulty connections or broken or cracked lines on your property.

Older homes will of course need closer attention than homes built just a few years ago. Rusting pipes, scale buildup, blown out parts, leaking water heaters, are all common plumbing problems in older homes.

When you think your plumbing may need repair or a good, proper professional clean that will make your drains and water lines run like they should for some time, you’ll need a trusted plumbing company you can count on.

Give us a call at 5 Starr Plumbing and let us prove why we’re one of the most reliable plumbing companies who offer expert, guaranteed services in Daphne and surrounding areas. We’ll give you a free estimate after we’ve assessed your plumbing issues!

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