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Grinder Pumps 101: What You Need to Know

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Some Lillian homeowners have grinder pumps, waste-management devices that condense household waste before it enters sewer systems. If you have a grinder pump, it’s good to know a thing or two about it before you schedule a repair or replacement with your plumber. Typically, a well-maintained grinder pump will last for 10 years, and it shouldn’t make any loud, persistent sounds.

What Are Grinder Pumps?

Grinder pumps are devices that are mostly buried underground in tanks, but their vents, lids, and electric panel boxes remain above ground. The way they function resembles a garbage disposal because they grind up household wastewater that travels from the pipes within the home to the tank and then send the wastewater to the main sewer lines. Standard grinder pumps usually run for 2 minutes before turning off when the tank is empty.

The Importance of Grinder Pumps

If your property doesn’t have enough elevation for gravity to cause wastewater to flow through plumbing lines to the public sewer main, then hiring a plumber to install a grinder pump may be necessary. Grinder pumps are installed in homes as part of a low-pressure system, and this infrastructure is often implemented in new subdivisions before buyers move into their homes. Instead of gravity pushing wastewater through a plumbing system, pressure from the grinder pump forces the wastewater through the system and to a water treatment plant. If a home is below or equal to the level of a municipal sewer line or septic tank, then grinder pumps are essential for proper waste management.

Just like any other component of your plumbing system, the grinder pump on your Lillian property is prone to regular wear and tear and aging that may necessitate repairs or a replacement from a plumber. Take note of how your grinder pump normally operates, and if you experience any problems, reach out to an experienced plumber at 5 Starr Plumbing for grinder pump services.

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