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Common Signs You Need Plumbing Services – And Soon!


The last thing any Fairhope homeowner wants to hear is that they need plumbing repairs. However, the longer you wait the worse it can become. Too many people try to ignore potential problems, hoping they will simply vanish.

Over time, they do not disappear. In fact, they are likely to get much worse. While there are plenty of red flags to watch for that mean you need plumbing service, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the most common ones. This can be the difference between a quick and affordable service call, or total emergency replacement.

Keep A Watchful Eye Out For These Issues

In order to be a diligent homeowner and take the best care possible of your plumbing, watch out for these warning signs:

Don’t ignore that running toilet. It usually starts out as just a pesky annoyance and quickly develops into a major problem. Before long it seems to run all the time,and that means hundreds of wasted gallons of water each day. That can really add up.

The same goes for a leaky faucet or dripping pipe. You may have found a way to ignore it, but it will be a big reminder once your water bill comes due. The sooner you get it fixed, the better. Plus, this is the environmentally responsible thing to do.

A slow or clogged drain is not just a pain, it can lead to a serious mess. Do not try to DIY the problem with chemical drain cleaners. This can act as a temporary fix but not a long term solution. Plus, it may mask the fact that you have a much more serious issue, like root intrusion.

Make the Smart Call

The other wise thing to do, as a homeowner, is call on the right experts for your plumbing service needs. Savvy locals know the name to trust in is 5 Starr Plumbing. The bottom line is that we go above and beyond, when it comes to taking care of your plumbing service needs.

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If you are looking for a plumbing professional in the Baldwin County area then please call 251-989-0011 or complete our online request form.